Leaves Wallpapers

Did you know…

Bring the peace and beauty of nature into your home with the Pixers range of leaf wallpapers. From classic flowers to eccentric forest prints, this motif draws inspiration straight from nature and works well with existing furniture and decorative elements to create a refreshing climate in any room in your estate. In one sentence: Leaves are one of the best themes inspired by nature. Striking in appearance but simple in design, our leaf wallpaper designs will add the perfect finish to your home. Fancy some leaf pattern design, such as leaves laced with dewdrops, the close up detail of a lily pad, or an on-trend design like a tropical palm leaf print? Just let our botanical wallpaper ideas guide you to interior bliss. Now bring the most spectacular nature inside. Perfect for revitalizing your office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom decor to create a space that is light, full of energy and lets your imaginative juices flow. Let the leaves elevate your space, your day and your life.