Self-adhesive Wallpapers - Custom-made

Self-adhesive wallpapers allow you to avoid the need to fight with glue and making sure it is applied evenly. There is no need to worry that any part will not stick or the paste will dry too quickly. Self-adhesive wallpapers and wall murals can be easily installed on your own without worrying about cutting, correcting or adjusting. Self-adhesive wallpapers have changed the way of thinking about installing this type of wall covering. Thanks to many possibilities of personalization, every user can adjust the design of graphics on such self-adhesive wallpapers to the size of the selected wall. You can also choose the density of the pattern. Personalization also includes choosing the material. The color of the original image can be changed to black and white or sepia. Nothing stands in the way of using a vertical or horizontal mirror effect. Self-adhesive wallpapers are matt, tear and crease resistant. There are thousands of patterns to choose from, including self-adhesive wallpapers with colorful zebras, abstract patterns, plant motifs and geometric graphics. There is no shortage of wallpapers in boho, retro and vintage style as well as modern, minimalist or glamorous wallpapers. ... more

Did you know…

The pattern on Pixerstick Wallpaper can be repeated. That means that it may be freely personalized to achieve the effect you want. The final result will certainly be impressive and you can be sure that the pattern will never be cut or incomplete.