Wallpaper nowadays offers many design possibilities, is very functional and at the same time easy to install and resistant to damage. All these features make more and more people use this form of decoration for bedrooms, children's rooms, and even kitchens and bathrooms. Wallpapers are extremely simple and easy to install, and are suitable for use in most rooms. Some of them no longer require the use of glue and paintbrush, as self-adhesive wallpapers have emerged, which have revolutionised the wallpaper market. Customers can also choose extremely durable vinyl wallpapers, as well as washable products that work well in higher humidity areas (kitchen, bathroom) and those exposed to common dirt (e.g. children's rooms). The latest wallpapers are resistant to tears and creases. Unlike wall murals, they are prepared in vector format. What is important, each pattern is prepared so that it can be freely reproduced vertically and horizontally without losing quality. Thus, adjusting the wallpaper to the wall dimensions is no longer a problem. Customers can choose between abstract or geometric forms or motifs inspired by the world around us, mainly plant and animal ones. ... more

Did you know…

Wallpaper offers infinite possibilities for personalizing interiors! A huge selection of motifs, in adjustable sizes, allows you to achieve an amazing effect on both small and large surfaces. No matter what style of wallpaper you choose - Self-Adhesive, Washable or Vinyl - it will fulfill various needs to help you decorate any room in your home.