Wall Murals

Wall murals are an easy, fast and inexpensive way for a spectacular change of any interior, regardless of whether you like the full color, rustic style or minimalism. A wall mural is a great form of wall decoration, but also a way to show yourself - to present your personality. Wall murals are an accessory that, if skillfully used, can change every room beyond recognition. It all depends on the possibility of incorporating it into existing space. Thanks to the extremely wide Pixers offer, you won't have any problem with it. Wall murals can be self-adhesive, washable and vinyl. The multitude of themes and styles in which they are available means that they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. ... more

Did you know…

These patterns presenting beautiful landscapes or unusual panoramas are perfect for the living room. Heroes from fairy tales, animals, colorful designs are great for the toddler's room. On the other hand, wall murals on the bedroom walls can have a definitely romantic character - floral motifs or an abstract background in pastel colors. Thanks to the wall mural, you can transform any wall into a unique work of art. 3D wall murals are an extremely interesting idea. These decorations have an original design giving a visual effect of depth, play of colors and chiaroscuro, anamorphosis. They optically enlarge the space, which makes them a good solution for small apartments.