Tile stickers

Tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can get boring after a dozen or even several years. You don't have to forge in the walls to change the decor. Creative and colorful personalization patterns available at Pixers.uk come with help. With their help, you can completely rearrange the interior, avoiding unnecessary costs. Tile stickers can change even the most boring and monotonous-looking kitchens. Thanks to them in a few moments you can change the decor of the entire room, which will look like freshly renovated. Tile stickers come in many designs and colors. Therefore, you can create a style on the kitchen or bathroom wall that resembles Moroccan decorations, boho colors or azulejos motifs. Nothing prevents you to stick an interesting pattern to the tiles in the hallway. The advantage of ceramic tile stickers is that you can change your mind at any time, simply peel them off and place a new pattern on their surface. You should not be afraid of such changes and use the available solutions. At Pixers.uk, you can also customize the design and dimensions of your personalization, so you can choose exactly what you think is interesting. ... more

Did you know…

If you’re a tile-lover, you must be familiar with azulejos, the famous Portuguese and Spanish ceramic tiles. You have probably admired them both on the external walls and in the interiors. But did you know that apart from being decorative, they also have a practical function? They help control interior temperatures, which is vital in warm climates!