Sky Wall Murals - Vinyl

The sky has always fascinated us. Many years ago everything that happened in the sky was treated like a sign of gods or supernatural activity. Today we know a little bit more and we are not afraid of the solar eclipse anymore. The sky is also a beautiful object to take a photo of. We decided to use its characteristics and created the breathtaking collection of patterns showing the sky. We guarantee that you will find here some shots which will impress you with their greatness and colors. It’s hard to believe that there are such beautiful things. ... more


The thing that we call sky is in fact the atmosphere, in other words, a gas layer of the Earth. Its color results from the mixture of gases and other small solid and liquid bits that float in the air. So the next time when you will use the word “sky”, you will probably have in mind the Earth's atmosphere that separates us from the cosmos and makes breathing possible.